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Education Reform

Albert Einstein had said it all with one simple statement:

"Imagination is better than knowledge."

Example: Bill Gates had knowledge; his imagination invented Microsoft Windows.

We need to keep teaching imagination in schools; otherwise we will be like China, Korea, Finland and Poland — looking for loopholes in Intellectual Property Laws.

Meanwhile, maybe we should, like them, put the math formulas in the exercise tests — it raises the scores.

The S.A.T. got it Wrong

The goal is not to match what is taught in school, but to lead what is taught in school. Skills like fast comprehensive reading, Listening comprehension, writing efficiency, argumentation skills in verbal situations like small group discussion and public speaking are essential to success. Since values are the core of all decision-making, some philosophy; since visual communication is dominating art appreciation is paramount. Leadership, not followship is the valid mandate of the SAT. They got it WRONG

"Stand Your Ground" the perfect crime.

It’s not the “Stand Your Ground” law that shadowed justice: it’s the rules of evidence.

In the State of Florida and some other states, if you perceive yourself as being a victim of mayhem, you can use deadly force to protect yourself — presumably, a knife, gun, or club-like object.

What is clearly the point of controversy in such defense situations outside of your “castle” in states such as Florida is the rhetoric of “Stand your Ground” in the street.

If, for example, a White man attacks or appears to be attacking a Black man and the Black man feels he will experience mayhem, he can shoot to kill the White man, and vise versa, as defined in the Zimmerman case in Florida.

The recent Dunn case in Florida adds insight into the development of the equation: it is not necessary for the defendant prove the propensity of mayhem. The prosecution must prove that there was a real weapon ( a shotgun, in this case) that limited the defendants right to use deadly force as a defense.

In other words, the prosecution had to prove a real gun vs the defense’s “perception” of a real gun: thus the propensity for the perfect crime by the so called defendant.

We need to quit telling students they’re not as good as the rest of the world.

Grading on improvement is a better option.  It’s the employer’s problem to decide if they know enough.

The job of a teacher is to improve his/her student.

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